Our Story

We got our start in 2010 as a small home-group that met in our pastor’s living room. We called ourselves Seed. Over the course of meeting, we realized that all of us in the group had to some extent experienced dissatisfaction with or hurt in the church. At the same time we were hungry for God’s love and to be a part of His mission of love to the world. Rather than throwing out the bathwater with everything in it, we joined the Evangelical Covenant Church and became Renew Covenant Church, embodying an identity and vision for being

renewed by God for the renewal of our neighborhoods.

On August 27th, 2017 our congregation voted unanimously to move north to Lynnwood. After 70 years of ministry, Martha Lake Covenant church had closed their doors, and our Conference invited us to move into the space.

Renew is a new multiethnic church home in Lynnwood, Wa. We are laid-back, community-oriented, and relationally-driven. We are excited about living authentic lives that embody love, mercy, and hope in ways that are meaningful to our neighbors. We are a community that values diversity; we desire to be multi-ethnic, inter-generational and we encourage the diversity of backgrounds within our leadership. Hope to meet you soon!