Our Dream, Verse, and mission

The Renew dream is for people in Lynnwood and surrounding neighborhoods to receive the grace and mercy of God and to be renewed as children of God. We believe we are given to in order to give away, and so we will endeavor to love and serve our neighbors in tangible ways.


We are:

  • relational, an authentic community where everyone belongs
  • passionate about justice and mercy, with a heart for the marginalized, immigrant, and refugee.
  • a community that values diversity; we desire to be multi-ethnic, inter-generational and we encourage the diversity of backgrounds within our leadership.


Our Founding Verse:


Isaiah 61:3b-4


They will be called Oaks of Righteousness,

planted by the Lord to glorify himself.

They will rebuild the ancient ruins;

they will restore formerly deserted places;

they will renew ruined cities,

places deserted in generations past.



Our Mission:  renewed by God for the renewal of our neighborhoods.