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House Building project in Los Planes, Honduras

 Our Global initiative this year involves partnering with a church in Honduras to raise money to build a house.  Rolando, his wife Zolia, and their three children live in the rural village of Los Planes, Honduras. Rolando is a small coffee producer and a pastor. He works the land during the day and teaches his community at night and on the weekends. His wife, Zoila, sells tortillas at thier house during the week, and at the village plaza on the weekends. Despite how hard they work, they struggle to make ends meet. For the past seventeen years they have lived in housing provided by the church but the conditions are very inadequate. His agricultural work doesnt’ pay off and the congregation members don't have the financial resources to pay him a salary for his work as a pastor. The little money that comes is used to pay church utilities and to address the needs of the less fortunate in the congregation. In a community with few economic opportunities where people tend to migrate, the Contreras practices solidarity, sharing what he and his family have and produce from their land with those most in need. Would you consider supporting the Contreras family? Your gift will be used to purchase materials and pay contractor costs for a new house. Consider making a generous gift and help us get closer to the $20,000 goal.


Advancing the local

common good

We are ridiculously blessed with a dedicated church space that bridges Everett and Seattle and is able to serve the common good in many ways around the quickly growing North Lynnwood community. 

Your gifts support one of the largest community yards, our free to use 4-acre green space where neighbors can walk their dogs, picnic under the renowned Oak Trees, meander our native plants pathway, or participate in community-building by cultivating the jewel that is the Renew Community Garden.

You help ignite the next generation’s passion for the Gospel through our Young Adult Initiatives and assist women, children, immigrants and refugees with housing and day-to-day needs through the work of World Relief Seattle, Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish CountTear Fund, USA, and God's Grace Homeless Ministry.

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