Worship lab

What's the Worship Lab?

The Worship Lab is a dedicated space - an actual physical room, a studio if you will - set up to support the development of God-glorifying musical and visual artistic expression in our community. 

In keeping with Renew's mission, it's a place where we will together explore how our God-given creative talents contribute to the renewal of our neighborhoods. We will accomplish this purpose by providing a safe creative space for people to be spiritually and technically challenged to try new things, with the hope to grow artists of all types in the direction of excellent God-glorifying expression. 

How does it work? 

Bi-weekly Worship Lab Sessions! Sessions are open to anyone who wants to grow as an artist, and as a growing church we're going to start with a focus on music. But we expect to grow into the visual arts over the next few months. Lab sessions are open to everyone - you don't have to attend Renew to hang with us - and occur on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at Renew Covenant Church. 

During Worship Lab Sessions participants can expect to study a given piece of music (or pieces of music) and explore personal areas of growth and team dynamics. All you have to bring is yourself, your favorite gear (we have mics, amps and a keyboard), and an open heart. Starting with a lesson and/or conversation (usually live on Renew's FB page) and ending with a jam session, we'll touch on a variety of topics like: how to sing. The difference between volume, intensity and tempo. Communicating and developing trust. Growing as an artist. Understanding multi-cultural worship. And more!

We will try to tackle one major topic a week. And we're open to ideas so please share!