**COVID19 Update || 04.01.2022**

Children are always welcome to stay and participate fully in the worship service in the sanctuary.  

  • Kids church (age 5-3rd grader) will happen every 2nd and 4th Sundays. They will be dismissed before the sermon.
  • The Nursery and Preschool Classroom will be opened but not staffed.
  • Renew Youth (4th grade and up) will meet every 2nd Sunday.  They will be dismissed from service during greeting time.

At Renew, we believe children are vital parts of the church today, not just church members in waiting. It is important for us to partner with our kids in ministry and encourage them in their identity in Jesus as beloved members of an intergenerational, diverse community.

Renew Kids is committed to creating safe and growing environments for kids of all backgrounds and abilities to know, love, and serve God.

During the Sunday morning service

0-2 year olds are welcome to stay in the sanctuary with parents. We have a couch and a rug at the back if you want to sit on the floor with your kids. There is also a cry room with a rocker for nursing.  If your baby is walking and doesn't want to stay in the service, you and your baby can also join us in the 2-4 year old classroom. There is a changing table and a rocking chair available in the 2-4 year old classroom. 

2-4 year olds will use the upstairs classroom at the end of the hallway. They will get to play with toys, read bible story books and sing songs with their teachers. 

5 year olds through 3rd graders will be downstairs in the main kids classroom. Our curriculum is based on the Godly Play format and adapted from two books called Young Children and Worship and Following Jesus. An adult storyteller presents a Bible story (this year will be focused on Jesus's life) and facilitates a short time of group "wondering" about the story before helping kids get set up for the individual response time. This time allows the children to respond to the story in their own ways, whether through art work, reading, listening to music or working with the story materials themselves. We'll gather back to end their worship time with singing and prayer. 

4th graders and up typically stay in the service, although they are welcome to go with siblings to either class if they prefer. Also, every 2nd Sunday there is a 'Youth Bible Study' during service.

Communion Sundays

On the third Sunday of every month, all of our children stay with us for the whole service. Kids are invited to participate and we try to keep everything a little shorter and more interactive. On these Sundays, we also provide "busy bags" for the parents to pick up and use with their kids to help keep them occupied. The 2-4 year old classroom will be available unstaffed if you need to take a child out. Please don't be afraid to return to the sanctuary with the child once they're ready to come back.