Dave sim || Lead Pastor

Pastor Dave and Janice have been married for 14 years. Their 10 year-old son Isaiah is precocious, energetic, curious, and full of joy. He loves learning history on YouTube and playing soccer for Seattle United FC. Cameron Junia is 4 years-old, and she’s a big fan of Disney Princesses.  She loves bright and loves to dance to whatever music is playing.  Dave has been in the Puget Sound area since 1989, while Janice has lived here most of her life. Janice is a Physician Assistant with Kaiser Permanente, and has been in healthcare for over 17 years. She is a great listener and gives good advice. She is also a big-time console gamer. Dave spent 9 years in campus ministry with InterVarsity, before entering seminary and completing his MDiv at Seattle Pacific Seminary. Dave is passionate, visionary, and has an enormous heart for people and reconciliation. He plays Ultimate Frisbee with his league team, PuA.  Renew is a dream that began in the Sims' living room, and they’re excited to see this family grow as more Renewsters dream with them! Ohana!!

Erica cox || Associate Pastor

Erica graduated from Seattle Pacific Seminary with her Master of Divinity degree. She grew up in southern Idaho and has been slowly making her way west. She attended college at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA and worked as a youth minister in Richland, WA before moving to Seattle in 2014 for seminary. Her decision to pursue pastoral ministry was made after receiving a BA in Elementary Education from Whitworth, where she also dedicated much of her time to being a resident assistant and a member of the track and field team. In addition to leading worship at Renew, Erica is currently involved in the leadership of SPU’s SoulCare program, a small group initiative that gives first year undergraduate students an experience in Christian formation and reconciliation. 

Both worship and small groups give her the opportunity to explore how people can grow in discipleship and love of God and others. She calls the Maple Leaf neighborhood home

and beets are her favorite vegetable.

the stewardship team

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